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Rutin potest anti-inflammatione, sine dubio: vascularium resistentia, rutin can propter cibum coloris sunt.

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rutin /Sophora japonica extract  CAS NO;153-18-4

rutin Specification:
Source: indica extract Sophora
Species: pulveris Yellow
Feodis praedictis, XCVIII% XCV%

rutin Function
1. rutin can be used as a vitamin to maintain vascular resistance, reduce its permeability, and reduce fragility.
2. rutin has antiviral action and inhibits aldose reductase action.
3. rutin can control high blood pressure, cerebral hemorrhage, diabetic retinal hemorrhage and hemorrhagic purpura.
4. rutin can be used as a food antioxidant and pigment.

rutin Application:
1.rutin is used in the field of medicine, and can be made into tablets, capsules, granules, etc., for treating hypertension, hemorrhagic purpura, etc.
2.rutin is used in the field of health care products to prevent blood diseases, anti-oxidation and anti-aging health care drugs.
3.rutin is used in the cosmetics field to make emulsions, delay aging and protect the skin.

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