Viridi tea extractum
  • Viridi tea extractumViridi tea extractum

Viridi tea extractum

Viridi tea extractum est, ut anti-oxidatio seriem bonorum munera pharmacological, anti-canus et sanguinem lipidorum minabantur.

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Viridi tea extractum

Tea Extract Gree CAS No 84650-60-2

Tea Extract Gree Specification:
XCVIII% ~ XXX% Polyphenols
~ V% XX% Theanine

Tea Extract Gree Function
Liberum radicalis scavenging 1.Green tea extract spectat, antioxidant munus gerendi;
Princeps tea 2.Green extract spectat resistancing sanguine pinguis;
3.Green tea extract munus in ne ATHEROSCLEROSIS;
4.Green tea extract de anti-radialis munus habent,
5.Green iecoris morbo ne tea extract munus habent,
6.Green tea extract munus perficiendi habent immunitatem.

Tea Extract Gree Application:
1.Green extract tea potest applicari in cibum gradu.
2.Green extract tea potest adhiberi ut muliebrem, et traderet cotidie eget ELOGIUM.
3.Green extract tea potest applicari in pharmaceutical agro.

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